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Thank you messages


September 2017

** Dear Project Linus, My daughter has just started chemotherapy at Kaiser Santa Clara and we just wanted to thank you for the beautiful blanket made by Olivia. My daughter has been a bit cold in the hospital room, so having something warm and also colorful has definitely helped make her stay better. Thank you for your kindness!  Jamie B.

** I just wanted to send a thank you to Sharon. My baby boy was born early at 30 weeks at O’Connor hospital. I was unable to have a baby shower or go shopping for baby. We thought we still had time to prepare for baby's arrival. I was put on bed rest for 3 weeks until he was bor. We had no blankets. And after being in NICU a nurse gave us a beautiful blanket that Sharon L. had made and donated through the Project Linus. Thank you for you for your hard work and generosity. We really appreciate your blanket brought tears to my eyes that there are people with good heart's helping these little bitty babies. 

Thanks, Lina P. & Baby Luciano 

* Thank you to Norma Bauman and Shirley Karabian for helping out with the IBM Make a Blanket Days this week. 50 blankets are being made and I just got word that we got an additional $500 grant from the IBM Volunteer Opportunity Council today while we were working on blankets!  Hurray!! Another thank you goes to Mary Kelly who sorted and counted well over 1000 skeins of donated yarn (not appropriate for PL blankets) and sold it for $745 in JoAnn Gift Cards. Thank you to Jackie Rall and Elizabeth Tang-Kong for their generous donations toward the shipping expenses for the Hurricane Relief shipping. The Bark in the Park booth hosted by Mary Kelly and Julie Spence earned over $400 for the chapter and introduced lots of new people to Project Linus - thanks ladies!


August 2017

My name is Jessi Felix and I work for Sacred Heart Community Services. I am in charge of the baby layette program where we provide a bag for our moms filled with diapers, bottles, one sis, sleepers & a blanket. I am writing to thank you for the blankets you provided to our program. It definitely helps to welcome the birth of their newborn. Most of the moms we provide our baby layettes are single moms or very low income.  So from the bottom of my heart I want to thank you for the service you provide. 

June 2017

* Sharon L. - Thank you for the beautiful blanket we received from Project Linus! Our daughter was in the NICU at Kaiser Santa Clara, and she was given this blanket as we left. It is a great reminder of the love, tenderness and warmth that all of us received at the NICU. Have a blessed day!  Matt

* Thanks Elizabeth and all of the volunteers that make these great blankets.  Mitzi Phillips, MSN, RN - Assistant Patient Care Manager Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital at El Camino

* Thank you for your kind donation of 40 blankets to Child Advocates of Silicon Valley.  As you know, Child Advocates of Silicon Valley recruits, trains and supports volunteer Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASAs) to work with children in the foster care system. The CASA attends to the child’s critical educational and emotional needs and ensures that their voice is heard as they navigate the Santa Clara County dependency court system.

Life for children placed in foster is filled with many uncertainties and disappointments. Your contribution will help Child Advocates provide a CASA who, as part of the child’s team, can provide the consistency and dependability that all children need to thrive.  Thank you for supporting our community, for ensuring that every foster child has the opportunity to become a healthy, independent adult.  Best regards, Karen Scussel, Executive Director


May 2017

I'm the foster/adoptive grandparent of an awesome 9 year old boy. The last event for KAFPA we attended he picked out his beloved new blanket, it had cowboy boots and camo print. I wish you knew how much the blanket and event meant to him. He realizes that he's different and loved. Thanks for all you do to cheer up these kids��  Leslie and Damien

April 2017

* My 8 year old niece was hospitalized in recent weeks in Santa Barbara (she is better now, but it's a slow process). When she arrived in her room from the ER, this lovely PL blanket was waiting for her. My sister sent me this pic with a huge thank you to all blanketeers - it means so much to our little ones and their parents. But you know that already, don't you?
It was so touching to witness the receiving end of PL in my family.
Cheers, Stacie

* I am forwarding the email of one of our parents who was very grateful for the blankets you have been providing us. Again, thank you for your support. Bernadette C. Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Assistant, Kaiser Hospital - Dearest Nancy F., My name is Rolyn and had given birth to twins a little over a month ago at Kaiser Santa Clara. Due to some pregnancy complications, my babies were born at 34 weeks and stayed in the NICU to grow....especially my son Ryson. During that stay, I've noticed a beautiful baby blue blanket covered with yellow ducks along with matching yarns of yellow and blue crocheted all around the frame. The length was perfect as well... not too short or long which was used to cover the top of Ryson's isolette protecting his sensitive eyes from bright light as well as the cold draft from the vents that mysteriously turns on at 3 a.m.  Nancy, can't thank you enough for your time and caring hands in creating such masterpieces which my son was very fortunate to own a piece. The blanket not only brings security to the growing premies, but to the parents too who are dealing with stressful situations. Again, thank you Nancy and San Jose Project Linus son definitely has another angel protecting him. Forever grateful mom, Rolyn 

* Hi There, I just wanted to say thank you for the lovely baby blanket we received from Kaiser in Santa Clara which was made by your company. Kind Regards. Deborah D'Arcy.

March 2017

*Thank you for the security blanket provided by Barron Park Elementary school.

-Mitch Taylor, new daddy

*Thanks again everyone! Please pass along my gratitude to all your quilters! – Missy Hyatt, CTRS, Director of Programs and Volunteers – Project Sanctuary  Where Military Families Thrive


February 2017


     I delivered 20 blankets to El Camino NICU this morning. I was told " please thank the ladies who make these. They are beautiful & we thank you" from a nurse. 
Sandy C.



     Your group is wonderful.
My grandson who received two of your blankets back in 2012 is now 5 years old yesterday and those blankets gave him and my self the strength to survive that tiny, precious life of 3 lbs. 5 years ago.  I honor your folks with a donation to this contest.
God Bless your Linus ladies many times over.
T. G.


January 2017


My 17 year old son, Gabriel, is a cancer patient at Kaiser Santa Clara. He's been in treatment for bone cancer since last August and our hospital stays are usually 3 weeks at a time. A fews weeks back, we had checked in for another long chemo stay only to discover a lovely gift made by Shirley Karabian (or it could be Karalian) of a dark blue fleece blanket with gray sharks waiting on the bed for him. It was perfect! So cozy and soft! And the perfect LONG length for my 6ft tall teenager. We felt so blessed to have this gift of comfort waiting for him and made by someone just out of the goodness of their heart, it was so touching. He wrapped himself up in it the entire hospital stay and now it's his favorite on his bed when he is at home recuperating.
We just had to let you know how appreciative we are for that caring gesture of pure kindness and the comfort it provides as we continue on in this journey.
Thank you & God Bless!    Laurie P.


Hi Sharon,

Thank you for the very generous donation of 38 blankets for children.

Lori C. Manager of Community and Volunteer Engagement Jewish Family Services of Silicon Valley

December 2016

Thank you from Child Advocates CASA of Silicon Valley

Project Linus members,
Thank you all for the beautiful pedi blankets you have donated to our hospital, SCVMC, on July 15, August 2, August 30, September 16 and November 10, 2016.  Every one is so beautiful!  
The patients love receiving such a wonderful handmade gift.  Each one is so soft and warm!  We love the thoughtfulness that has gone into each blanket and appreciate all of your time, patience and love that you have put into making every one.
Thank you so very much!  I wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year!
Mary P.
Volunteer Auxiliary Board Member SCVMC


Hello, I just want to thank you for the blanket my daughter received when she was a patient at Santa Clara kaiser. The blanket was made by Sophia Douglas.

This is a beautiful project that I did not exist. I thought I had to return the blanket but then they told me no she gets to keep it.
Thank you again for this blanket it is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Delia O.


Hello Project Linus, Recently, my 17 month old son underwent his 4th cranial surgery in 2 1/2 months at LPCH. It's been a trying time for our entire family, but especially for our little fighter, Finn. We were lucky enough to get into the Ronald McDonald House at Stanford during my son's last hospital stay. When we received our welcome tote, I could not believe we were also getting the beautiful quilt inside!! My mom and I laid it out and admired the hard work, care and love that was put into it. Receiving this gift for my son brought some joy to us during a very dark time. I can't thank the maker, Betsy B., enough. I hope she is able to know how much this quilt is going to be used and loved. Warm Regards, Dana N.


Hi. This is Eric A., Marilyn's son. This is the 4 year anniversary of moms passing. Our daughter Sarah has been suffering with an eating disorder for almost 4 years. She was recently back in El Camino hospital for a few weeks where she received a blanket from project Linus. I can't help thinking that mom was trying to send her granddaughter some comfort. Thank you. If there is anything I can do to help your cause, please let me know.  Thank you.  (Sharon’s note: Marilyn was a dear friend of my family and an avid quilter. Her family generously donated part of her ‘stash’ / fabric to our chapter as well as designated our chapter for donations in her memory. She continues to give through the quilts made from her fabrics by our blanketeers.)


(From Sharon) I got a call from the grandmother of a baby born at Kaiser to thank us for a blanket her grandchild received.  The grandmother lives on the east coast and doesn’t get to visit her grandbaby much, but she was touched by the gift we provided and she wanted to give back for our generosity.  She will be out here visiting for Christmas and will bring a blanket that she is making for our chapter.  She had called to see what blanket type/size we needed most.


Dear Project Linus, Thank for your donation!  Sara T, Family Supportive Housing Staff


Thank you very much for the 40 blankets your organization recently donated to Valley Medical Center.  Those blankets will be put to good use.   Your efforts are very much appreciated. Sincerely, VMC Volunteer Board


Dear Sharon, Barbara and Project Linus Volunteers, On behalf of the Nurses and Babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit @ Kaiser Santa Clara, we would like to thank you so much for the beautiful blankets you donate to us.  They are really appreciated!!  Thank you for all your hard work!  Best wishes, NICU Team, Kaiser Santa Clara

August 2016

My name is William R. - I'd like to thank you for the blanket you made me it made me happy. I'm at o'conner right now with a broken leg awaiting surgery. I will keep this blanket forever as a memory that there are people in the world that care for others they don't even know. Thank you Chris Sentz for the 49ers blanket. Please contact me back at (email provided). P.S. I broke my leg in a football game. I play for the Campbell Bears


June 2016

Hello Project Linus,

I am currently at Kaiser (I am here often with my 4 month old little girl) and on the bed was a beautiful, soft blanket. We do not have much family and being in the hospital feels very lonely and sad. This blanket reminded me that we are not alone and that there are people out there wishing my little girl healthy thoughts.

I just wanted to say thank you and this really touched me. What you do is amazing and wonderful!
Best regards, Mars C.


April 2016

* Hello, I was wondering how I can make and donate blankets. We were just recently in the hospital for a week with my 9 month old and received a blanket. I love the blanket and would like to give back now. Please let me know. Thanks! Heather

* Thank you for caring .  Martha (it came with an adorable picture of her newborn)

* Valley Medical Hospital wishes to thank you for your donations of 3 large blankets. Your gift is so appreciated. Norma

February 2016

From Project Sanctuary:

Hello Ladies- I just wanted to give you a little rundown of where you blankets went and some pictures!!!!

I put the maker of the blanket and then the kids that chose it.

Kathleen: Brady- He is a twin and has autism. This week was one of the first times he was able to spend time with other kids without being separated because of meltdowns. JJ- came with his mom’s boyfriend and they had some great boy bonding. J

Norma: Hailey- That week she did a zip line for the first time ever. Her dad walks with a cane and walked underneath her the entire time encouraging her.

Sylvie: Anndrea and Dru- brother and sister adopted by a family. This was their first military retreat with the family.  Eric- 3 years old and had a blast with other young military kids.

Linda C: Kimmy and Alanna- our two oldest kids. They were excited that they got blankets- they thought it was only for the little kids.

Linda B: Riley and Seylah- Both these girlies are middle children and got very close. They were funny/happy that the same person made their blankets. Kids get excited over the strangest things lol

Elaine: Christian- Only child, but was able to spend time with other military kids. He had never been around other military kids especially on a therapeutic retreat.

Shirley- Noah- Our oldest boy- he was also excited that he got a blanket!

Marilyn: Jayce- He was called last but still got the blanket he wanted and was really happy.

Mary Ann R:Lexi, Savannah, Annika- Lexi and Annika are both gymnasts. They piled their blankets together and used it to do little flips on. Savannah is a tomboy and was happy she was allowed to pick a blanket that wasn’t pink/girlie.

Jackie: Avery and Kealan- Kealan is the other twin. He is also autistic and had a great time with all the other kids. Avery is our youngest girl and she was like the little sister to all the kids. She had about 20 siblings taking care of her on this retreat. lol

Jacquelyn: Brooklyn- has 4 siblings and was able to get the blanket she wanted instead of sharing. She was grateful.


December 2015

* Thank you for the blanket and beanie I am really grateful for it, and I appreciate the hard work that was put in the blanket and beanie. Sorry I can't take a picture my camera isn't working. But me and my baby thank you for the items you guys made with love!!! Lizette R.

* Hello!  I am writing to thank you for the blanket(s) you made for my daughter, Breslyn.  She attended the TAPS Good Grief Camp for the first time this fall in Colorado Springs.  She got two beautiful blankets from your group (she spilled on one I believe but now shares it with her little sister since she was lucky to receive two) that weekend.  She loves to snuggle with both blankets but particularly loves the white one with pink hearts on it!  Your kindness and generosity are amazing.  Thank you for putting your time into these blankets for the kids!  I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  With love and gratitude, Bridget and Breslyn G. (Akesl-little brother and Bristol-little sister too!)

* Hello, my name is Beckey M. My sweet little girl just turned 5, and is awaiting a heart surgery. She just received a lovely blanket that was made by Marjorie. Orange is her favorite color and she just loves this blanket! Thank you for putting a smile on my little girls face. She has gone through so much in her short life. You ladies are amazing for what you do.

Sincerely, Beckey M.

* Dear Project Linus, We would like to thank you for your generous donations of blankets. The items that we receive always surprise our patients and give them a smile. The thought that someone in the community cares for them is very heartwarming and your gift has helped us make our patients’ stay a little easier.  We understand it must have taken much time and dedication, and we truly appreciate your generosity. I’m sure that the members of our community are also very thankful for your efforts in donating. Thank you so much! Gratefully, SCVMC Volunteer Services (Santa Clara Valley Medical Center)

* To whom it may concern, Seven months ago, I gave birth to a premature little boy at O'Connor hospital. He was a little over five weeks early, and those ten days he spent in the NICU were an emotional whirlwind for my husband and me.  Every time I see the blanket made for him by Blanketeer Linda B., I am reminded of those days I spent in the NICU with him, and all the love and support we received from both people we knew and complete strangers.  My little boy is healthy now and you'd never know he only weighed 4 pounds when he was born. I'm so grateful for your organization's kindness. It has meant a lot to me and I'm reminded of it every time I wrap him up in his blanket. 

Sincerely, Flora M. de T.

* I want to thank you for the generous gift of the Project Linus blankets.  I can assure you that they will be given to children in need. 

Thanks, Octavio M., Social Work Supervisor

* Hi, Just wanted to let you know that we were at a picnic organized by Child Advocates of Silicon Valley and Anthony received a beautiful brown quilt with puppies. It was made by Nina and Anthony, who is 8, read the Project Linus label and I explained how special it was that someone had hand made that quilt specially for him. He loved it and was excited to take it home with him.  So we wanted to reach out and thank Nina for the love and care she put into it and let you know that it had found its home.  

Warm regards, S.

* I wanted to send you an email thanking you for the blanket. My son was checked into the ER after having a concussion. We spent the night and the blanket was a wonderful surprise and added a touch of home.

Thanks, Mark T.

* My name is Leah Martinez and I am the grandmother to a set of twins born 2 month early and are in the neonatal ICU at the Kaiser in Santa Clara, CA  as we speak.  We were so generously given two beautiful blankets one pink made by Becca C and one blue made by Linda. On behalf of our family we greatly appreciate your generosity and the time you put into making the blankets that provide much needed warmth.  Thank you!!  Leah, Yanessa, Elias and Nava eh and many more family members


May 2015

Project Linus!

I wanted to personally thank you for taking the time to provide blankets to the TAPS (Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors) children this past holiday weekend during Nationals. Our 7 year olds had a wonderful and cozy time snuggling up to their mentors during the camp. Attached are just some photos with the Mentees and their Mentors snuggled up. Again thank you for all your support, you did not go unnoticed. Have a blessed day!

TSgt Crosby


Fevruary 2015


My daughter was a patient at Kaiser Santa Clara hospital over Christmas - she was just seven weeks old and had to stay overnight because she had RSV. You very kindly gave us one of your blankets and she really loved having something soft to cradle her.  Thank you so much, it was most appreciated.

Warmly, Shana P.


January 2015


"Hello Denny,
I just want to thank you for the blanket and book that you send for M-- and G--. G-- really liked the book and M-- is so happy with her new blanket. I hope I can meet you in person you sound a very nice person. I really I appreciated.
God bless you."
The gifts of your Project Linus blankets warm the hearts of parents and children and help PHP build a warm relationship with our new families.  We so appreciate our partnership with you and all the compassionate and giving Project Linus volunteers.  Thank you for all you do.


Thanks so much for your January donation. Sure seems like your ladies did not take much time off for the holidays! Please let them know how much we appreciate their dedication to our little parients. It means so much to them.


Louise P.

SCVMC Volunteer Leadership Team.


December 2014

Thank you so much for your wonderful donation of blankets. We especially appreciate gifts we receive this time of year. Many groups take December off. So, our closets run pretty low. This infusion of blankets will help us keep our young patients "covered"! Please tell everyone in your group that we wish them Happy Holidays.


Louise P.

SCVMC Volunteer Leadership Team.


Thank you so much for the blanket I received when I was at the hospital. I really appreciate what you do for people, it keeps me warm while I recuperate. I'm very grateful for organizations like this, keep up the good work. God bless all that take part in this wonderful project. Once again thank you.

Gabriela M.


I would like to thank Elizabeth T-K, Kathleen and Project Linus for the beautiful quilts for my twin boys! They attend the First 5 Preschool Program and were given the quilts as Christmas gifts today. They are very thankful and excited about the "Pirate Themes." They are both fascinated with pirates right now so it was perfect that they received these two quilts. Please pass on my gratitude to these two ladies. Happy Holidays!
Thanks Again, Alicia Barrera


Dear Sharon, I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful blanket that you made for my niece she loves it and snuggles it with it since she received it last Saturday!

God Bless


Hello, my name is Laura I'm a Kaiser patient and we received a lovely blanket from you all. husband and I just wanted to say thank you...our little girl will like it.

October 2014


This is from the father of a five month old baby boy who is medically fragile:
"We've been meaning to write to thank you for the blanket.  We are grateful for caring hearts and wonderful organizations like PHP and Project Linus."
Thanks to you and your wonderful blanket makers!



Dear Project Linus Blanket Makers,
I just wanted to send you quick note thanking you for the special handmade blankets that we give to our patients.  We appreciated the continued hard work by your volunteers.  The blankets are used primarily to cover the incubators to keep the harsh lights of the NICU out.  The parents are delighted to find out they can take them home.  You have many talented people.  The blankets are so beautiful and greatly appreciated.
Cathy Marks RNC
O'Connor Hospital

August 2014



Thank you for the blanket i loved it i slept with it since i got out of the hospital.i appreciate it. It made me feel very happy since I was very sick and had surgery.

love,  alyssa lopez , 8yrs old


July 2014

Thank you letter from TAPS Good Grief Camp (click on picture below to read the beautiful letter, or here for the pdf version)


I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful blankets for my son's incubator while he was in the Nicu. Mrs Yael Urban and Columbia Middle school made them. They really brightened up the incubator and gave it a less hospital feel as well as shielding my son from the bright lights of the Nicu.

Thank you so much, it was much appreciated at a traumatic time for myself and my husband. My son is now 6 months old and doing well.
Kind regards, Emma T.


Hi Sharon,
I just met your brother Stan when he dropped off blankets for our Pediatric patients, and for me it was very bittersweet, because this will be the last contact that I will have with someone from Project Linus in my role here at Regional medical Center, since I will be retiring on August 4, 2014.  It has been my  honor and joy to meet and receive the friendship, love and generosity of everyone connected with Project Linus.  The nursing staff love to give the blankets to the sick children and explain to them about how there are wonderful people in this world who don’t even know them, but want you to have a hand-made blanket to hold and cuddle during this stressful time of being hospitalized.  This is a TRUE gift.  You are all “blanket angels”.  I do not know who will be taking over my role, but we hope that you will be willing to give the Pediatric Unit a call and that they can call you when they are in need of blankets, so we can keep this connection.
Hugs, Janet



This note is to thank Shirley for the beautiful blanket she made and my son received during his hospital stay at Santa Clara Kaiser in May, 2014. We appreciate all the time and energy that went into the blanket! We also appreciate the very thoughtful gesture of providing  colorful, cheerful gifts for these little ones you don’t even know.
With grateful hearts we send many thanks, Schipper Family



Thank you for your latest donation of blankets for our little patients in Pediatrics.  We appreciate your continuing dedication to them.  I hope all is well with the members of Project Linus.

Louise P.,SCVMC Leadership Team


Thank you so much John Muir Middle School for the baby girl blanket!!! Vu


Dear Marilyn N & Patti J & Project Linus,

   Thank you for the beautiful patchwork mini-quilt that was chosen by my mentee for me as a TAPS volunteer.  This was my first year as a volunteer for this wonderful program, and I was honored to be a part of it. Thank you for crafting this lovely memento that will remind me of TAPS and my fantastic mentee!
   Sincerely, Kerrin

June 2014

I just wanted to write a thank you! My children and I belong to TAPS (Tragedy Assistance Program for survivors). We lost their dad 8/8/11. He was a SFC in the Army. To some people, that may seem like a long time. To us, some days, it feels like just yesterday. The blankets that you lovingly make and donate to TAPS, gives the children a connection between them and their mentor they receive when going to a TAPS convention. When they go home, They have a snuggly blanket that someone who cares about them picked out for them. On those difficult days, they can wrap up in that blanket and "remember the love, Celebrate the life, and share the journey" with their mentor even though they are miles apart due to your special gift! There is nothing like a warm hug and your blankets gives that to all our children.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

From a humble Army Widow

May 2014


Recently, my son Henry (picture attached) was admitted to O'Connor Hospital. He was given a blanket from Oshman JCC and he was so comforted! He literally hasn't parted with it since he got it. He says "Mom, I know why they call themselves Project Linus". He loves it so much. You are all angels. It truly meant the world to him, and to me! 
Thanks for all you do,
The Liebig-Miles Family

April 2014

Dear Linda C,

I gave my child your beautiful Patchwork blanket .  Thanks so much.

March 2014

My little boy received a sweet Winnie the Pooh quilt when he came to my home for foster care. He loves it already! Thank you!


February 2014

Sharon, just a note to thank you for the recent delivery of blankets to the NICU at Good Samaritan Hospital.  I assemble the blankets into clear bags with your Project Linus tag in view and wrap with a bow.  These blankets are then given to the parents on discharge for home use. 

Thank you and your “blanketteers” for their generous works of caring.


Rosemary S. (volunteer)

January 2014


    I just wanted to thank you for the blanket you provided to my son.  We reside in Washington IL and even though we did not lose our home, dealing with our school and church being damaged and seeing the destruction every day hasn’t been easy for any of us living here.

    I am only one person, but your kindness and generosity has been noticed and appreciated.  As we help our loved ones and neighbors rebuild and recover, the thoughtfulness of others like you will help!

Thank you again!

   Jennifer F.

December 2013

Dear Sharon,
     On behalf of the children and their families affected by the tornado that hit
Washington Il. A very BIG THANK YOU to you and your chapter for the
 generous donation of blankets that I received today.

Thank you so much
Peoria, Tazewell, Woodford Co’s IL  

December 2013

Thanks so much for helping to provide warm blankets to our foster youth.  Just wanted to let you know that I posted on our social media pages.  See below…

“Oh the weather outside is frightful, but our foster youth are staying warm. They’re wrapped up in new handmade blankets thanks to the San Jose Chapter of Project Linus!”

Linda V. Unity Care

September 2013

Thank you so much for the colorful blankets and quilts.  We are so fortunate to have your group’s support!  Our blanket closet is always full and waiting for our new patients.  Your generosity is appreciated by our young patients and their families.

Louise P.

Community Volunteer Chair, SCVMC Leadership Team

July 2013

Recently I was in the hospital at Kaiser in Santa Clara, and I received one of your blankets. I thought it was very nice for you to have such a program and to give these blankets to children who are sick. My blanket is much appreciated. Thank you
Zach J.

June 2013

To all the great hearted people, my wife and I where blessed with twin boys with little notice. While in the NICU they were comforted with these amazing blankets, but not only where they but mom and dad as well we want to thank you all so much. We hope you continue to give the blankets out because we want every parent to feel as special as we did.

Thanks again Danielle/mom Eric/dad and new borns Jaxon and Gage.