August 2016 Newsletter


Hello Blanketeers!  Happy Summer! Hope you’re having a grand one. Here are our results for June (July tallies will be done soon) and a few updates before our next meeting, this Tuesday August 9, 7pm at Mary Kelly’s house (1366 Milton Way San Jose).


* Our donations for the month of June were as follows – we received 328 blankets and distributed 494 blankets.  Our blanket recipients groups this month were CASA, CPS Receiving Center, Good Samaritan Hospital – NICU, KAPFA, Kaiser Hospital – NICU and Pediatrics, Lucille Packard – El Camino Hospital, O’Connor Hospital – NICU and Pediatrics, Public Health, Regional Medical Center, Ronald McDonald House, San Jose Family Shelter, San Jose Social Services, and Valley Medical Center.  The total number of blankets donated to date by our chapter is 71,847.


* The national Project Linus conference was wonderful. Big news – over 6 MILLION blankets have been donated nationally – thank you to all blanketeers! I shared many conference stories at our July meeting. I also handed out a quilt challenge to those who were interested.  We were given a bolt of fabric that had cloth book pages for a baby monthly calendar.  I can’t wait to see the variety of quilts being made, all starting with the same fabric. If you’d like join the fun, email or call me to make arrangements for getting the challenge fabric to you (we have 6 pieces available at this time).  I also brought back some PL t-shirts.  We included them in our meeting ‘thank you raffle’ in July. Since not everyone can make it to the meetings, I’ll be drawing some names from the list of all who have donated blankets in the first half of this year, and offering t-shirts to those whose names are drawn, to expand our ‘thank you raffle’ with these special shirts.  I shared many new ideas and showed samples. I have instructions for many of the quilt blocks that I learned how to make at the Expo there.  We’ll post them to our web site so everyone can access them. There was a fundraising booth (for sharing fundraising ideas) and I took our fleece-selvage doggie pull toys - they were a big hit.  We made about $50.


* Project Linus is again hosting a Mystery Quilt Challenge Fundraiser this year. This year it’s Gracie’s Get Well Garden.  As Sylvie can tell you from participating in last year’s fun challenge, it’s a week-by-week reveal of downloadable instructions and tips to complete a beautiful kid’s quilt.  Go to on August 20th or later to register. The challenge begins September 10th. The cost is a $15 donation to Project Linus (and if you include our chapter name – South Bay / San Jose, CA - your donation will come to us). There will be great prizes (including a Janome 2016 NQM sewing machine with thread cutter!). Join in and have some fun!



- URGENT MESSAGE: We were told that 4 of our quilts that were recently received by one of our recipient groups STILL HAD PINS IN THEM.  We were shocked to hear this! We try to double check when we receive them and during sorting/bagging but we shouldn’t be the ones who have to catch this. We must ask that ALL blanket makers that use pins TRIPLE CHECK YOUR BLANKETS FOR PINSbefore you turn them in and be sure all pins have been removed. We can’t risk a child being injured by one of our blankets. Thanks in advance for everyone’s renewed focus on this important step.

- We no longer have a recipient for fabric scraps, so please do not collect or bring them to the meetings any more.  Thanks. (If this changes, we’ll let you know.)

-  REMINDER: NO blanket drop-off’s at Barb’s.  It appears that a few people are still using Barbara Ross’s box for dropping off blankets. It is NOT being checked regularly.


* Reminder – until Barb’s back (in October), your contact for:

-       Batting is Linda Cortez (

-       Quilt backing fabric and fabric donations is Norma Bauman (

-       Blanket Delivery Reporting – Barb via email (and copy me too please)


* As always your contact for:

-       Bagging & Sorting Days:

o   Saturday Bagging/Sorting - Elizabeth Tang-Kong ( (August/October/December, etc.)

o   Thursday Bagging/Sorting Kathy Wuerz ( (September/November/January, etc.)

-       Sew Days:

o   1st Thursday of the month  - Deb Bragen (

o   3rd Wednesday day of the month – Sandy Crane (

(PLEASE NOTE: Due to renovations at Sandy’s club house this summer, there will not be a 3rd Wed. Sew Day for a few months – we hope it will restart in the fall.


* Yarn and Fleece/Yarn “Kits”: Johanna Hernandez is our new ‘yarn maven’. (Thank you Johanna!)  She and Mary put together fleece & yarn ‘kits’ this week so we will have some available at the meeting, as well as yarn to be picked up for knitting and crocheting.  We are having a “Beige yarn challenge” – come get some beige yarn and perhaps mix it with contrasting colors and see what you can create. For our quilters, we’ll also have 9-strip and  12-fat quarter kits (and batting) available at meeting.


* Thanks to Renee Jones and Sandy Crane who gave out over 80 blankets at Camp Corral this year. The blankets were a big hit with the campers and the CC team thanks us for our support. Thanks also to St. Jude’s Episcopal Church (host of our Make a Blanket Days) for making over 20  blankets at their recent Service Worship Sunday event.


*  We have a few events coming up next month that we need volunteers for – please let me/Sharon know if you can help:

            - Bark in the Park (Dog fair) Sept 17th – Mary Kelly hosting our booth

            - 6th annual Lexus of Stevens Creek Teen Volunteer Fair – Saturday Sept. 24 9am-noon

we still need a host for our table to take sign-ups for volunteering and hand out brochures


* We are considering a change of web sites – if you have experience with web sites and can make a recommendation, please contact our web master Isabelle Wimmers (


* For AUGUST and SEPTEMBER ONLY, we can use some additional baby blankets. If you care to work on a some extra, smaller blankets (minimum 36”x36” and no fringe), please do.


* If anyone has an embroidery machine, please contact me/Sharon regarding a special project.


As always, thank you for your generous support and for being a caring blanketeer. Hope to see you at a meeting or Sew Day soon (see for details). Happy blanketeering!  



1. Purlesence Yarns is closing at the end of the month.
2. Our September meeting will be Tuesday Sept 13 at 7pm


Sharon ( 408-252-1858) and

Barb ( 408-295-2287)