May 2015 Summary and Newsletter


Hi Blanketeers!   

     We are looking forward to a fun meeting this Tuesday evening June 9th at 7pm at the home of Mary Kelly (1366 Milton Way San Jose). Hope you can join us.

     Looking ahead, our next meetings will be July 14th and August 11 – both at 1pm at Mary’s - mark your calendar for both! Come share blanketeering ideas with other blanketeers, pick up a ‘challenge’ project or two, maybe a quilt kit, some donated yarn or help with a small project we’ll have that evening.  As always we’ll have show’n’tell where we each share 1 or 2 of the blankets that we’ve recently made and our “Blanketeer Thank You” raffle. It’s such a treat to see the wonderful variety of blankets that are made and donated.

     These are our numbers for May – we’re helping comfort and support lots of children!  426 blankets were received and 517 blankets distributed. Our chapter total to date is 64,443. This month we gave blankets to: CPS Receiving Center, KAPFA, Kaiser Hospital – NICU and Pediatrics, O’Connor Hospital – NICU and Pediatrics, Parents Helping Parents, Public Health, Regional Medical Center, San Jose Family Shelter, San Jose Social Services, School Health Clinics, TAPS Good Grief Camp and Valley Medical Center.

     Thanks to your generosity in producing red, white and blue blankets of all types this spring, we shipped 130 blankets to the TAPS Good Grief Camp which was held Memorial Day weekend. We got the following email from one of the leaders:  

   Project Linus!

   I wanted to personally thank you for taking the time to provide blankets to

   the TAPS (Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors) children this past

   holiday weekend during Nationals. Our 7 year olds had a wonderful and cozy

   time snuggling up to their mentors during the camp. Attached are just some

   photos with the Mentees and their Mentors snuggled up. Again thank you for

   all your support, you did not go unnoticed. Have a blessed day!

   Cheers!  TSgt Crosby

   Shannon Crosby, TSgt, USAFR (ART)                   


We also received this month a thank you letter from CASA and this email from Valley Med:

   Dear Project Linus, 

   I want to thank you for your generous donations of blankets. The items that we receive always

   surprise our patients and give them a smile. The thought that someone in the community cares

   for them is very heartwarming and your gift has helped us make our patients’ stay a little easier.

   We understand it must have taken much time and dedication, and we truly appreciate your   

   generosity. I’m sure that the members of our community are also very thankful for your efforts in

   donating. Thank you so much! 

   Gratefully,  SCVMC Volunteer Services


     Just a reminder, Barb is now away for the summer (returning October 10th). In her absence, contact Linda Cortez ( or 408-985-7788) if you need batting and Norma Bauman ( or 408-266-7244) if you need quilt backing fabric. Norma will bring quilt kits to the meetings and will be accepting incoming fabric donations. Deb Bragen and Sandy Crane will continue to host our Sew Days monthly (see our website for details and Sharon Warren and Lynn Levi are our ‘yarn mavens’ and will have yarn and ‘skip-stitch fleece & yarn’ bundles at the meetings when we get those supplies donated. Thank you for all your help!

     Our next sorting/bagging day is scheduled for Saturday June 27, so please be sure to turn your blankets in a week or so in advance of that date, to give our drop-off liaisons time to pick up blankets and get them processed and transported to Mary’s in time for this monthly activity. Thanks again to our 2 new teams of sorters/baggers for stepping up to cover this critical part of our chapter work. 

     Camp Corral is nearly here.  We have the 100 blankets ready to take up to the camp in Pescadero on Sunday July 5. If you had previously contacted me about possibly going and helping distribute the blankets (it’ll take a few hours of your time), please contact me again to confirm the details.

     We want to thank the Threads ’n Things group at Saratoga Retirement Community for their continued support.  Some of their blanketeers not only make blankets to be given to the children we serve, but also make blankets which they sell in their gift shop to raise money for our chapter.  Thank you ladies! And thanks to Samantha Schroder who is donating 10% of her proceeds from her Etsy site to our chapter – she presented us with our first JoAnn’s gift card at the last meeting. Check out her site at

     For our ‘monthly reminders’ topic this time, we ask that everyone that is skip-stitching, please be sure the crocheting is loose enough that the blankets lay flat.  We’re still getting many blankets that curl up on the corners and the edges.  Thanks!

     Speaking of skip-stich, national has a new blade available – it has 5 large teeth with cuts and spaces each about ½” wide. So you can now easily make slits on 1” fringe pieces or many people are making the cuts and then tying separate pieces of fringe through the holes (matching or contrasting fringe). Just fold the fringe in half, pull the loop through the slit in the fleece, and pull the ends through the loop. This new blade is $18.95.

     As a final comment about this year’s TAPS program support, when we went to Staples to ship the first few boxes, we used all the Rewards we had earned at that time.  When we went back to ship last boxes of blankets, they had changed their policy, and we could no longer use any Rewards we had earned. So we spent over $350 to ship the last boxes.  If you would like to help cover these shipping costs, please send your donation to Sharon Lee (11061 S Stelling Rd Cupertino CA 95014). Any and all donations will be greatly appreciated. (For next year, we will have to plan for the full shipping costs and perhaps reconsider the number of blankets we can send. If you have any suggestions on how to cover the shipping costs in the future, please let us know. Thanks.) 

     As always, we are grateful for your support, to us provide comfort and security to children in crisis and need through your generous gifts of handmade blankets and blanket making supplies/donations for our chapter.


Happy Blanketeering!                                                                                                      

Sharon ( 408-252-1858) and Barb (on vacation)