January 2015 Newsletter


 Happy New Year, Blanketeers!  We’re looking forward to another great year of blanketeering and helping comfort and support children in crisis together. Glad you’ll be with us on the journey.



We have a some exciting NEW things for 2015 to share with you, so we invite you to read through this entire email and feel free to contact me or Barb if you have any questions. It’s going to be another fun year for our chapter. (Sorry this email is a little long this time, but there’s so much to share).  60,000 blankets donated and counting!!


#1 – Monthly meetings are moving to 2nd Tuesdays

#2 – 9-Strip Quilt Challenge: Make an extra blanket each month for 2015

#3 – Monthly “Sew Days” (2 dates/locations) * SIGN UP NOW with Barb*

#4 – Project Linus 2015 ‘Blanket Host’ for Camp Corral – Loma Mar, CA - a free, one-of-a kind summer camp experience for children of wounded, disabled or fallen Military families

#5 – National Make a Blanket Day – Saturday, February 7 at St. Jude’s Episcopal Church, Cupertino

Read on for more details on these new topics…


#1 Monthly meetings are moving to 2nd Tuesdays: As noted last month, our monthly meetings will now be held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month so we can get the bulk of our blankets collected and distributed earlier in the month. (Note: When we hold a Make a Blanket Day, that session will include our monthly meeting.) We will continue to alternate daytime and evening times as we can. We hope to see you next Tuesday January 13 at 7pm at Mary Kelly’s house (1240 Milton Way San Jose 95125) to kick off our new year.


#2 - 9-Strip Quilt Challenge - Make an extra blanket each month for 2015:  In Fall 2014, we had specific requests from some organizations amounting to 215 toddler quilts. These were in addition to the toddler quilts we needed for our regular monthly blanket distributions. We found that the 9-strip quilts are the quickest to make to fulfill this need.  So Barb is proposing the following challenge - we need 20 blanketeers to commit to make one 9-strip quilt each month.  This will help ensure that we will have plenty of toddler quilts in the fall for special requests.  Barb is spearheading this challenge and will organize putting together 20 kits a month.  She reported the following: ‘We will also need help with fund raising to make sure we have enough batting for all of these quilts.  Sharon, Mary Kelly and Deb Bragen with the help of others did a fabulous job of that this past year, which allowed, Norma, Becky and Barb to shop for lots of fleece, flannel and yarn at all the pre and after Thanksgiving sales.  Norma went to all three of them, and Becky and Barb each did two.’ Barb will try to keep 4-5 9-strip quilt kits in her white Project Linus box on the left side of her house (when you are facing the house). When you take a kit(s) from Barb’s box, please send her an e-mail letting her the date you took them and how many kits for girls/how many for boys.


#3 – Monthly “Sew Days” (2 dates/locations) * SIGN UP NOW with Barb *

In order to help you meet your 9-strip quilt challenge or just have a fun time sewing with other blanketeers, we have scheduled monthly “sew days” for this year. Thanks so much to Deb Bragen and Sandy Crane for arranging the locations and hosting for us!!! The schedule is as follows:

* 1st Thursday of the month – Deb Bragen host – at Calgary Methodist Church from 10:30am-6pm (729 Morse St. San Jose 95126, at the corner of Naglee & Morse, a block off the Alameda). Thanks to Deb there will be ironing boards, irons and cutting mats available.  You do have to bring your own rotary cutter, rulers and other tools.  The lighting is not the best, so you may want to bring a light as well. There will be a $3.00 per session charge per person to offset the cost of the room. (If the charge will be a hardship, please talk to Barb.)  Space is limited at this site to about a dozen blanketeers, so if you plan to attend, please let Barb know in advance. 9 blanketeers have already committed to every month, so there are not a lot of spaces left. Barb will keep a waiting list if needed. Barb says her spot will be available in the summer when she is away traveling. This location’s first ‘Sew Day’ will be February 5th and we will probably do prep for our February MABD.

* 3rd Wednesday of the month – Sandy Crane host – at the clubhouse in the Villa Teresa Mobile Community from 10am-3pm (5680 Santa Teresa Blvd. San Jose 95123, the clubhouse is at the front of the community). There is no charge for these sessions. 2 ironing boards, risers for cutting and pinning tables, extension cords and a few cutting mats will be provided. You need to bring any other supplies you will need.  Barb will bring 9-strip and other quilt kits. This site will support at least 30 blanketeers, but Barb still needs to know how many blanketeers will be there, so the right number of tables will be set up in advance – so it’s important that you let Barb know if you plan to attend (either regularly or just one time). There is also a full kitchen available. Note – we have to clean everything up before we leave.  The first “Sew Day” here will be Wednesday February 18th.


#4 – Project Linus 2015 ‘Blanket Host’ for Camp Corral – Loma Mar, CA - a free, one-of-a kind summer camp experience for children of wounded, disabled or fallen Military families: As covered at our July 2014 meeting, national Project Linus has aligned with Golden Corral restaurants which sponsor “Camp Corral” at locations around the country. This free, week long camp experience is for children of wounded, disabled or fallen military families. After discussion at our July meeting, in keeping with our intention to support children of military families, the chapter members agreed to sponsor the blankets for this year’s camp at YMCA Camp Loma Mar, CA (it’s just over the county line, near Pescadero on the coast – we will deliver the blankets in person, so no costly shipping is required.) We expect to need about 100 blankets for children ages 8-15 years before July. If you’d like to attend the blanket distribution at Camp Corral, let me know and I’ll get you the details as soon as they are available. For more info about it, contact Mary Kelly (mary@gofigureinc.com) – she and John helped last summer and said it was a great experience.  (Reminder:  We do plan to continue supporting TAPS Good Grief Camp in May, as we have for many years now, so if you choose to help with these events, you can start making this style of blanket now and we’ll be setting them aside (red/white/blue combinations or military logo patterns). The ingathering for the Good Grief Camp blankets will be by April 1 and the Camp Corral blankets will be by June 30 (TBC). (Note: we may need financial assistance to ship blankets to the Good Grief Camp this year – we’ll let you know.) Visit www.campcorral.org for more information.


#5 – National Make a Blanket Day – Saturday, February 7 at St. Jude’s Episcopal Church, Cupertino: This year we will be hosting the annual national Make a Blanket Day a bit earlier in the month. It will be Saturday February 7 from 9am-4pm at St. Jude’s, 20920 McClellan Rd. Cupertino.  Join us for a day of blanket making and bring some food to share if you’d like to partake in the optional potluck lunch. Our February meeting will be held there as well, starting at 10:30am (show’n’tell, thank you raffle and all!) – join us for just the meeting, all day or any part you like.  (There will be a small donation requested to help cover the facilities cost.)


I hope you’re as excited as we are with these new opportunities for 2015 and that you’ll enjoy them with us. Thanks as always for being a blanketeer and helping us support and comfort children in crisis as we all share our blanket-making talents with those in need. Hope to see you at upcoming events.  More chapter news coming soon!



Sharon (sjlinus@comast.net, 408-252-1858) and

Barb (sjlinus@gmail.com), 408-295-2287