April 2015 Summary and Newsletter



Hi Blanketeers!

      Happy Springtime and Happy Mother’s Day to those mothers among us.  We are looking forward to a great meeting this Tuesday evening May 12 at 7pm at the home of Mary Kelly (1366 Milton Way San Jose).  Our next meeting will be June 9th at 7pm. Mark your calendar for both! We’re looking at have daytime meetings in July and maybe August too. All are welcome to come and share blanketeering ideas with other blanketeers, pick up a ‘challenge’ project or two, maybe a quilt kit, some donated yarn or help with a small project we’ll have that evening.  As always we’ll have   variety of blankets that are donated.


     These are our numbers for April – another strong month – helping lots of children!  610 blankets were received and 526 blankets distributed. Our chapter total to date is 64,017. This month we gave blankets to: CASA, CPS Receiving Center, Good Samaritan Hospital NICU, KAPFA, Kaiser Hospital – NICU and Pediatrics, O’Connor Hospital – NICU and Pediatrics, Public Health, Regional Medical Center, Ronald McDonald House, San Jose Family Shelter, San Jose Social Services, School Health Clinics, and Valley Medical Center.


     Thanks to your generosity in producing red, white and blue blankets of all types this spring, we are shipping 125 blankets to the TAPS Good Grief Camp on Memorial Day this year.  Barb McLean, the Project Linus focal point for this event sends a huge THANK YOU!  An additional thanks to all who turned in their empty ink cartridges this month.  It looks like we should have enough to cover the UPS shipping costs of all the TAPS boxes.  That will save us hundreds of dollars (that we can spend on blanket making supplies instead!)  J


     We’ll be saying ‘Bon Voyage’ to Barb for the summer soon. She and Greg have another awesome itinerary planned. We wish them safe travels and we’ll miss them. Barb’s been working extra hard this spring getting things ready for us during her time away. We appreciate the extra effort. Barb will be ‘off duty’ from Project Linus daily business from June 1 – September 30. She has got a great line up of blanketeers backing her up in some of her usual assignments including Linda Cortez (savsgram@aol.com or 408-985-7788) who will have the batting and Norma Bauman (nlbauman@earthlink.net or 408-266-7244) who will have access to the quilt backing fabric, will bring quilt kits to the meetings and will be accepting incoming fabric donations. Deb Bragen and Sandy Crane will continue to host our Sew Days monthly (see our website for details www.sjlinus.org) and Sharon Warren and Lynn Levi are our ‘yarn mavens’ and will have yarn and ‘skip-stitch fleece & yarn’ bundles at the meetings when we get those donations.

Thank you for all your help!


     Our new sorting/bagging teams met last Saturday for teaming and training.  It was a great day and we processed a HUGE number of blankets.  We thank all the new sorters/baggers for stepping up and we got enough volunteers that we will be having 2 teams so they can alternate months. This is GREAT! Trish Bellamy will lead our Saturday team and Sandy Crane will lead the ‘week day’ team. The teams will be sorting within a few days of each monthly meeting so please be sure to get your blankets to your drop off locations, or to me or Mary by the meeting date if you want them to be included in the monthly sorting. Our next sorting/bagging day will be May 28 at 9am for our “week day sorting team” so please turn in your blankets before that date to be included. 


     We were reminded of a couple things during sorting that most you already know but we do have new blanketeers all the time, so I mention such things periodically:

   #1 Please tie a knot (not a bow) in the string of your blanket tags.  Bows come undone and the tags are lost, so please use a knot (and let the string hang loosely around the cloth label).

   #2 Please be sure to select appropriate fabric and fleece patterns relative to the size of the blanket you’re making. We’ve been receiving 2 yard long fleece blankets with baby or very young child patterns, and that probably won’t interest many teens… thanks for remembering these tips.





     Our SHARES card donation for the first quarter of the year was $336. So keep using your SHARES cards at Lucky, SaveMart and FoodMaxx supermarkets. If you need a card, let me know (sjlinus@comcast.net or 408-252-1858) and I’ll get you one.  We earn up to 3% of the purchase total and it helps!  Note: Lucky has just started another program called LuckyOne.  I called the SHARES program and they assured me that the SHARES card is supposed to still work at Lucky stores, but there seems to be a glitch in the system right now as the new program is starting up. (Note: Only one card will work for a given transaction.) If you have problems using your SHARES card, keep your receipt and we can mail it to SHARES to get credit. Sorry for the temporary inconvenience with this program but we’ve been averaging $450 a quarter so I think it’s worth it.


     A quick reminder about another fundraiser we have – shop at Amazon from our web site www.sjlinus.org) Click on the Amazon link on our home page and again, you’re making a donation to our chapter without adding a penny to your purchase cost.  It’s another simple way to be a big help to the chapter. Remind your family and friends about this easy way to help Project Linus. (If you’d like one of our “5 Easy Ways to help Project Linus” cards, let me know and I can mail you one or some to share with others. SHARES, Amazon and many other ideas are included on this eye-catching handout.


     We have received an offer of an older zigzag sewing machine in a lovely wood cabinet. If any one can use this, please contact me (sjlinus@comast.net or 408-252-1858).


     We are also looking for an outlet for fabric donations that we receive but cannot use in our own blankets (eg polyester, non-child friendly patterns, etc). If you know of anyone who can use them, again please contact me (sjlinus@comast.net or 408-252-1858).


     As always, we are grateful for your support, helping us provide comfort and security to children in crisis and need through your generous gifts of handmade blankets and blanket making supplies/donations for our chapter.


Happy Blanketeering!


Sharon (sjlinus@comast.net, 408-252-1858) and

Barb (sjlinus@gmail.com), 408-295-2287