September 2013 Newsletter

Greetings Blanketeers! 

             The routines of fall have started again and we’re getting back into the swing of things. We’re looking forward to seeing many of you and sharing blanket design, styles and ideas at our next meeting Tuesday Sept 24 at 7pm at Mary Kelly’s house (1366 Milton Way San Jose 95125).  Soon after the meeting, we’ll be sorting and bagging up this month’s blankets, so if you have some ready to go, please drop them off by the meeting date so we can get them to the children needing our support and comfort soon.

               In August, we received donations of 397 beautiful handmade blankets and we distributed 442 blankets to children in need through Eastside Public Health, El Camino Hospital NICU, Good Samaritan Hospital – NICU, KAPFA, Kaiser Hospital – NICU and Pediatrics, O’Connor Hospital – NICU and Pediatrics, Regional Medical Center, San Jose Family Shelter, School Health Clinics and Valley Medical Center. The total number of blankets made by our chapter to date is 54,596.


              Here’s some other chapter news to share with you…

   1.   The new Blanket Beacon (Project Linus HQ’s quarterly newsletter) is now available.  You can get it through the national site

   2.   This time of year we get lots of requests to help groups run a Make A Blanket Day.  We’re looking for volunteers who would be willing to help with this important part of our chapter’s work. If you’d like to help out with this, come join me at one of the 3 or 4 Make a Blanket Days that I’ll be leading at IBM in October. Come and see how easy it is to be a Make a Blanket event leader and how much fun we have.  These sessions will be held 11am-1pm on weekdays (allow 10am-2pm for travel, set up and wrap up).  If you are interested, please contact me (Sharon at 408-252-1858 or and I’ll share the schedule once it’s finalized, later this week.

   3.   To help us keep our Staples Rewards program going (and earning us up to $200 per month in credits), not only do we need empty ink and toner cartridges to be turned in, but we also need blanketeers to use our Reward’s #s when they buy ink at Staples.  Anytime you plan to purchase over $35 on ink or toner at Staples, PLEASE CONTACT ME FIRST (Sharon at or 408-252-1858), and I’ll send you one of our Rewards cards to use when make the purchase so we’ll get credit. It’s easy and the chapter benefits greatly from this program. Thank you!

   4.   One of our drop-off locations has closed its doors for good. We’ll miss Yarndogs for the lovely yarn they had and for the service to us as a drop-off location.

   5.   Looking ahead: our October meeting will be another Make A Blanket Day at Holy Spirit Episcopal Church – Campbell on Saturday October 26 from 9am-3pm.  We’ll have the meeting around 11am and then share a potluck lunch (optional) around Noon, and we’ll be doing our monthly sorting & bagging that day as well.  Come and join the fun – sewing and non-sewing activities will be available. Barb and I have decided not to have a November meeting this year, as our tradition for December is to have an afternoon meeting and share holiday treats early in the month. So mark your calendars now for Tuesday Dec 10 at 1pm for our end of year celebration.


      Here’s are some heart-warming thank-you’s we received this month:

*** “Thank you so much for the colorful blankets and quilts.  We are so fortunate to have your group’s support!  Our blanket closet is always full and waiting for our new patients.  Your generosity is appreciated by our young patients and their families.

Louise Pileggi – Community Volunteer Chair - SCVMC Leadership Team”


***: “I just wanted to say that I really appreciate your beautiful donations to the El Camino Hospital NICU! My little Aria was born at 33 weeks and we just adore her little hat and purple blanket! I hope you can find whomever crafted them and forward these pictures! I know Irene did a beautiful job with the blanket, but I'm not sure if she made the hat too! Thank you again, Jennifer.”


We need 1 or 2 more helpers for this month’s sorting and bagging session on Saturday Sept. 28.  If you’re able to help out this month, please contact me for details (Sharon at or 408-252-1858). Thanks. 






        Stacie Ciaffredo and I are putting together a ‘campaign’ to reach out to local high schools with an information packet that will introduce Project Linus blanket making as a great community service project.  We hope to provide information to the schools via mail and through our web site (we’ll be adding a new link for Community Service, where we’ll provide students what they need to know to get started on their own and be successful as new blanketeers). We may need additional volunteers who would be willing to be listed on our web site as official sign-off locations for students if there is a big response to our campaign.  If you’re interested in helping with this ‘quality check’ and verification of work completed, please contact me (Sharon at or 408-252-1858).  We’d like to have locations around the county to make it easy for the students to complete their work with us.


Again, our next meeting will be Tuesday September 24 at 7pm at Mary Kelly’s house (1366 Milton Way San Jose 95125).  We hope you can join us to meet other blanketeers and share blanketeering ideas (and pick up yarn or fleece or ‘challenges’ as available to work on). Thanks as always for being blanketeers and helping our chapter support and comfort local children in need.



Sharon (, 408-252-1858)

and Barb (, 408-295-2287)


P.S.  * Remember to continue using your Lucky/SAVEMART S.H.A.R.E.S. cards – if you shop at these stores and don’t have a card, just ask - I’d love to send you one so you can use it and help us earn $ for the chapter.

* Remind your family and friends to access AMAZON.COM through our web site AMAZON link whenever they’re shopping on line – it costs them nothing and we earn $ for chapter supplies.  

Thanks to all you wonderful blanketeers – you make such a difference to the children we serve and their families.