Summer 2013 Summary/Newsletter


         Happy Summertime Blanketeers! We had a great meeting and Make A Blanket Day on Saturday, August 3rd at Holy Spirit Episcopal Church in Campbell. We had over 25 blanketeers there (including 5 new folks!). The potluck lunch was delicious and we got lots of good work done as well as lots of visiting with fellow blanketeers. As of that day, Trish Bellamy and Beth Metcalf have generously taken over the blanket sorting and bagging responsibility from Barb and they had their first sorting/bagging session there as well. The next sorting/bagging day will be this Saturday August 24 at Mary Kelly's house at 9:30am. So if you have blankets finished and ready to turn in, please drop them off at any of our drop-off locations (see our web site for the current locations) BY THIS WEDNESDAY so they can be included.

           In July, we received donations of 341 beautiful handmade blankets and we distributed 443 blankets to children in need through Eastside Public Health, El Camino Hospital NICU, KAPFA, Kaiser Hospital – NICU and Pediatrics, O'Connor Hospital – NICU and Pediatrics, Regional Medical Center, Ronald McDonald House, San Jose Social Services, Stanford – Child Life Services, TAPS and Valley Medical Center. The total number of blankets made by our chapter to date is 53,199.

Here's some other chapter news to share with you…

1. Your current JoAnn's VIP discount cards will expire at the end of August. They are mailing new cards this year. If you have not received a new card by the end of August, you can go online and register at You'll need a Project Linus membership card to take to the store with their card, so if you need one, let me know and I'll get you one.

2. At the May meeting, I presented a list of jobs that Barb and I have determined we need help with, to enable us to continue in our roles as chapter coordinator and assistant chapter coordinator and balance our time commitments to our families. Thanks to those who stepped up and accepted some of those positions – we really appreciate it! We have a few more to offer this month. Most are one year assignments (with an option to extend ☺ ) and training is available. Please review the list below and let me know where you are able to help. Thanks for considering these positions.
      a. Palo Alto Blanket Drop-off Location (home or business)
      b. Milpitas Blanket Drop-off Location (home or business)
      c. Grant writer
      d. Help create folders for high school counselors to introduce Project Linus as a community service project, and mail these folders to local high schools
      e. Use one of our STAPLES Rewards # when you purchase ink at Staples (min. $35 every 6 months) to keep our accounts active & giving us $20/month in store credit we have 10 accounts – the next purchases are needed by September)
      f. Make a Blanket Day leader (for local groups e.g. Lions Club, corporate events, high school honor societies)

                        Here's are some heart-warming thank-you's we received:

         *** "Recently I was in the hospital at Kaiser in Santa Clara, and I received one of your blankets. I thought it was very nice for you to have such a program and to give these blankets to children who are sick. My blanket is much appreciated. Thank you. Zack J."
         *** From PL HQ: "Hi Everyone, We received the following e-mail at HQ from someone who did not identify their chapter area. Feel free to share it with your volunteers.
I received a Project Linus blanket when I was twelve, back in 2007. To this day it brings me lots of comfort and I couldn't sleep without it. Now that I'm older, I really appreciate all the kind hands that went into making my blanket. Thank you for what you do, it truly helped me survive."

              Our next meeting will be Tuesday September 24 at 7pm at Mary Kelly's house (1366 Milton Way San Jose 95125). We hope you can join us to meet other blanketeers and share blanketeering ideas. (Show `n Tell is the best part of the meeting!) Thanks as always for being blanketeers and helping our chapter support and comfort local children in need.

Sharon (, 408-252-1858)
and Barb (, 408-295-2287)

P.S. Remember to continue using your Lucky/SAVEMART S.H.A.R.E.S. cards, as well as starting your AMAZON.COM orders through our web site AMAZON link and finally, saving your empty ink cartridges for us to recycle for Rewards credits at STAPLES. These year-round fund raising efforts support our chapter tremendously. Any questions about these – just ask me or Barb!

P.P.S. This month, we'll close with a little `blanket humor' (from Handi Quilter) ☺ …
Again, hope to see you on Tuesday September 24th 7pm at Mary's for our next meeting and PLEASE DROP OFF ANY FINISHED BLANKETS BY THIS WEDNESDAY August 21 so we can have them for our next sorting and bagging session.

Thanks to all you wonderful blanketeers – you make such a difference to the children we serve and their families.

UFO: UnFinished Objects
WIP: Work In Process
PHD: Projects Half Done
PIG: Project In Grocery-bag
WOMBAT: Waste Of Money, Batting And Time
NESTY: Not Even Started Yet
PFC: Professional Fabric Collector
STABLE: Stash Accumulation Beyond Life Expectancy