June 2017 Newsletter


Hello Blanketeers! 


* Here’s a quick reminder that our next meeting is Tuesday June 13th at 7pm at Mary Kelly’s house (1366 Milton Way San Jose 95125).  We hope to see you there.  We’ll have a number of new projects this month. If you can’t make the meeting and would be interested in any of these, send me and email (sjlinus@comcast.net and I’ll save you one).  They include: 1. Granny square kits (someone donated over 1000 granny squares) so we’ve kitted them up and they’re ready for assembling. 2. Kid Gang acrylic cotton yarn – Mary’s done a test blanket and we have instructions on how to adjust the dimensions to allow for the slight shrinkage.  The colors to choose from are great. 3. With recent donations, we have baby yarn, bulky yarn and kits made up of 2 & 3 ply yarns to knit/crochet together for a fun new look. 4. We have a large bag of solid fleece that need appliques.  These are all in addition to the usual ‘fleece kits’, quilt kits and some acrylic yarn – al for the choosing. For those who can’t make the meeting, please note that our bagging date this month is Saturday June 24th, so please have your blankets turned in a few days earlier than that, to be included in our distribution for July.


* Thanks to Phyllis Donohoe-Maroney who responded to the request for help toward the TAPS – Good Grief camp  blanket shipping expense. We have now covered the full cost.   


* I hope to have our May blanket numbers for the meeting – Barb is still tallying them for us, an will send them when she has wifi again. J

* As you know, Barb is on vacation now until November or December. In the meantime, if you need batting, contact Linda Cortez (savsgram@aim.com) or quilt backing fabric, contact Norma Bauman (nlbauman@earthlink.net).

* Thanks to the McAffee company who made 119 blankets at their own Make a Blanket Day – they did it all on their own, and even added the tags and labels.  Hurray!  Thanks also to Shirley Karabian who helped Keller-Williams/Silicon Valley have their first Make A Blanket Day.   


* Mary’s been busy with the donated yarn that we can’t use (due to non-acrylic content and ‘frills’). She just made a couple BIG sales recently and will be donating over $700 to the chapter in JoAnn’s gift cards so we can buy more supplies. THANK YOU!


* Looking ahead our July meeting will be later in the month due to vacation schedules – so mark your calendar for Tuesday July 25th at 1pm at Mary’s.  (Bagging day will be that Thursday for your planning…).


* Thank you all for everything you do for Project Linus – helping us comfort and support local children in need.  


Sharon (on vacation until June 13) (and Barb – on vacation until November or December)

sjlinus@comcast.net   (sjlinus@gmail.com)