9 Strip Quilt Directions



In your packet you should have 3 pieces of fabric approximately 18” wide x width of fabric “WOF”. (If you do not, please call me and we will figure out what to do). Cut each of the 3 pieces into 3 =6” pieces (or if your fabric is a little smaller or larger than 18” into 3 equal pieces x WOF . You will also have a piece of fabric large enough for backing or a couple pieces with which to make a backing (Frequently the flannel is not wide enough so there is a smaller piece to add to the side or the piece is long enough to cut some off to add to make the backing as wide as the widest pieces of fabric you have in the top. Please do not cut the quilt down to the width of the flannel as we want the quilts to be as wide as possible.

You will now have 9 strips of fabric. Sew the strips together alternating them fabric 1, fabric 2, fabric 3, three times. Once you are done, you have completed your 9 strip quilt top.

If your backing is flannel, you need to wash it before making your back as it shrinks a lot. (In some cases it was prewashed before it was donated or I have prewashed it. If it has been prewashed it will be donated in your packet.)

You will then pillowcase the top and backing with the batting inside. To do this, lay out your backing, put your backing on top right side up, then your top on the backing, right side down . Pin in and sew around the edge approximately a ½” in from the edge. Leave a space large enough to turn it. Once it is sewn, turn it, sew the opening close and top stitch the quilt around the edge. You can then quilt it or tie it. The Soft and Bright Batting we use requires quilting a minimum of 10” apart.

Please return 2 quart plastic bag if your kit is in one.

Thanks so much.